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Are You Ready For UK Construction Week?

Those of you working in the construction industry might want to put October 8th-10th in the diary, as that’s when this year’s UK Construction Week event is taking place, sure to be a fun and interesting few days for anyone operating in this particular sector.

Free to attend, the event features sections such as Build, Civils, Building Tech, Surface & Materials, Energy & HVAC, Timber, COncrete Expo and Grand Designs Live.

More than 650 exhibitors will be on hand over the three days to showcase their goods and services, while there are all sorts of events being put on that could help you adapt to future changes in the industry.

The Innovation Zone, for example, will show how innovation can help to create new value in the sector, bringing a stop to the cost-driven short-term race to the bottom. The aim is to promote productivity, quality, sustainability, speed and social cohesion.

There will also be a showcase of modern methods of construction (MMC), which intends to reveal how the way we build is being revolutionised. There will be a hub providing workshops, seminars and case studies, looking into the latest advancements where MMC is concerned.

The Material District may also be of interest to many exposition attendees, prioritising global innovation by match-making material needs with material solutions. This network will cover six market sector categories - Architecture, Interiors, Apparel & Textiles, Urban & Landscapes, Products and Graphics & Packaging.

There’s an exhibition called Material Innovation, designed to inspire attendees with materials and tools to deal with issues such as energy, available resources and public health. The expo will also show people how to come up with acoustic solutions like panels made of conifer needles, translucent concrete and coffee-based composites.

Make sure you check out the seminar programme for this year before you attend the event, so you can plan your visit and make sure you don’t miss anything particularly relevant or important.

There’s a live steam bending demonstration, a talk on the future for fire risk assessment and risk management, a discussion on new ways to design and build primary schools, a seminar on the regeneration and future-proofing of town centres and high streets, and many more.

This is the largest event dedicated to knowledge sharing, problem solving, product sourcing and best practice, so could certainly prove useful for anyone in the sector wondering what the future holds.

Some 35,000 visitors attend each year, with more than 300 expert speakers organised to hold talks and workshops. You may well be busy and you may struggle to justify spending time away from your actual job, but in order to keep abreast of industry insights, services and products, and research, it’s essential to go to networking events like this. Who knows what the future holds, after all?

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