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Lorry Drivers Urged To Prepare For No-Deal Brexit

The Brexit deadline is getting ever closer and at present, there’s no sign of a deal between the UK and EU being agreed in the coming weeks, or of Boris Johnson asking for another extension to the deadline for the UK leaving the EU.

The government has also ramped up its messaging surrounding Brexit and a no-deal scenario, urging businesses in all sectors to be prepared.

Hauliers are likely to be among those directly affected on 31 October should the UK leave with no deal. Many are worried that lorry drivers from the UK and the continent will be confused by what’s required post-Brexit.

As a result, the British Freight Transport Association (FTA) has announced that it will be running a series of workshops for hauliers in the run up to 31 October. These are being funded by the Department for Transport to help ensure lorry drivers are ready for Brexit.

In total, the FTA plans to run more than 100 half-day workshops in locations around the UK during September and October.

In addition, Commercial Motor recently reported that the Road Haulage Association (RHA) will also be running 66 free seminars across 22 locations in the UK, again to help those who drive goods for a living to understand what will be required come 31 October.

These seminars will cover the new protocols and rules that will be in place once the UK leaves the EU.

If you arrange road haulage in West Sussex and use this to transport goods outside of the UK, make sure that your drivers have been fully briefed on what to expect following Brexit.

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